Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Smutting and the Brain

Hello there, all my smutty, literate friends!

I've been gone a long while, I know.  And I'd like to take a minute to explain a) why, and b) why I hope very much to be back, though maybe not exactly as before.

For several years now, I've been experiencing perplexing symptoms that my excellent team of medical professionals have yet to stick a diagnosis on to. What I can tell you, though, is that on top of it making it so that I catch everything that's going around, typically twice, and it lasts much longer than for everyone else, it also has some significant cognitive symptoms.  Some days I cannot remember simple words.  Some days I can't muster the strength of will to get out of bed.  And many days, I feel like I'm in one of those PSAs for "How to tell if one of your loved ones has Alzheimer's."

Truth be told, I haven't written a single word creatively for almost three years now.  I have had anthology publications since, but not for things I've written in that time period.

I'm terrified, my friends. I'm so scared that along with my facility for immediately thinking of the right  word or turn of phrase, I've lost my ability to tell stories at all. So please, bear with me.  I will be back. I need to be back. But I can't guarantee that what I write now will be the same quality as what I once wrote was. I know that Terry Pratchett continues to keep at it, despite actually *having* Alzheimer's , but I am no Terry Pratchett.

All I can promise it that I will try. Try and write.  Try and update you on what I've had released since my last update, and a review I promised that is several months late.

And there is something that I'm excited about! Laura Antoniou, author of the Marketplace series, has opened up her setting for another anthology of fan fiction due this weekend, November 15th. As some of you may know, I had a pile of fun rolepalying in her talker-based roleplaying game set in the universe, and her call has been the temptation I've needed to try again. I am not sure that what I finish will be submittable let along quality enough to get accepted to the anthology, but it's got me trying again. And that is very good, indeed.

So wish me luck, or wish me well, or just stay tuned to see this little place on the internet come to life again.

Mad is back. To some extent, at least.