Monday, February 22, 2010

Microfiction Monday: The Kiss

     Jennifer was in the study working, as she had all day, on her seemingly interminable thesis. She rubbed her neck; it had been a long day already, but a sense of duty if not the promise of any more productiveness tonight kept her going long after supper time. If she were paying more attention to her surroundings she'd have heard the door open a bit more than an hour earlier, and the sounds of Nat coming and putting her things away, but if the sound registered at all, it was only in the back of her mind as peripheral to the task at hand. She definitely didn't hear the soft barefooted steps that brought her lover to her sanctuary, or even the meticulously slow 'click' that meant the door was being closed and locked behind her.

     Jen was leaning back to read over her most recent paragraph when a hand caught her throat, and pressed her and her expensive ergonomic chair backward a good half foot before something stopped it rolling back. She managed a quick gasp for air before her breathing was cut off completely. Her lover kept a firm controlling hand wrapped tight around Jen's throat as she slid her way up her lap until she was straddling her, their crotches so close that they could feel each other's heat. Nat's free hand reached into her partner's shirt, and caught the surgical steel ring that Nat had lovingly threaded through her nipple last year for their second anniversary. Nat let go of Jen's throat just as she pinched and twisted the piercing, and Jen gasped for air, a shiver rocking her whole body.

     Nat smiled, and landed a far more tender kiss on her lover's lips, then slipped out of her lap, and headed for the door, pausing to look over her shoulder and wink. She was wearing Jen's favourite lingerie, a black spaghetti-strapped silk nightgown that barely made it past her hips. Jen groaned in appreciation as her lover left the room and closed the door behind her. Eventually, she shook the stars from her vision, and sighed, turning back to her monitor. What she saw made her smile and moan in anticipation at the same time. Nat had placed their electronic timer on top of her keyboard, set for an hour, and ticking away.

     Sometimes, there are better ways to express your desires than words.

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