Sunday, April 4, 2010

Microfiction Mondays: Coffee, anyone?

Today's Microfiction is not here, but a lovely new site that combines two of my favourite things: massive amounts of caffeine and lots and lots of smut. Who could go wrong? They recently held a flash fictions contest about both those things, and I found myself unable to resist. (Yes I know, I'm easy!)

Here's a quick sneak peek at my entry:


She was my coffee goddess. We didn't have any sort of a regular “thing,” but any time we wound up at the same club together we'd eventually meet on the dance floor, and inevitably stumble back to her place in a panic of frantic gropes and kisses.

I know—you hear “goddess” and think “yeah, just another guy thinking his girl is the hottest thing ever.” Yeah, she was smokin', but I say it because sex with her was like...a religious ceremony. A coffee religion.

read more on site, and if you like it, consider voting for it!


  1. That's a lovely, sexy story.

    If I were going to write about coffee and religion, I might mention its ability to raise the dead. :P

  2. Bah! Something as crass as its mere side-effects would interfere with the purity of the experience of the perfect cup, silly! ;)